Ever see the“Sam & Cat” episode #FavoriteShow, where Cat jumps onto the hood of moving car? Did you wonder if anyone got hurt, or how Ariana Grande did it in the first place?

Well friends, wonder no longer! On today’s episode of Behind-the-Scenes, we’re takin’ a look at how stunts are filmed, and how much work and preparation goes into each dangerous sequence to make it as safe as possible. In fact, what was only a few minutes of film actually took a huge camera crew and a few hours (and several takes) to get right!

Caution: Don’t try this at home!

The secret is filming the scene in little pieces, get the timing right, and add it all together later. In movies and TV, editors are so important; because of them, directors can film different scenes at different times, and then put it all together later. Some scenes are even filmed backwards before being stitched together in the right order!

First, the filming crew and Ariana shot the first part of the scene, cutting the camera right before Cat jumps onto the hood of the car.

Next, it’s time to bring out the stunt double. Today, Jaci is doubling for Ariana, which means that she wears the same clothes and has the same hairstyle. The stunt double and actor don’t have to have the same face, but they do need to be about the same height and have a similar body type.

Not twins, but close enough.

Now comes the hard part: the actual stunt. Because it’s dangerous and Ariana’s specialty is acting, and not jumping on cars or falling from buildings, Jaci takes over. She quickly sizes up the situation, takes a few quick steps, and, without any hesitation, jumps straight onto the hood.

Now that’s what a stunt looks like!

The camera cuts again, and this time, Ariana’s back. Since she has to shout her lines as the car drives down the street, the stunt director has rigged up a harness for Ariana, so that she can act without worrying about falling off the hood of the car.

Luckily for Ariana, the car doesn’t drive far, just until the end of the parking lot! But as the car reaches the end of the lot, the whole cast and crew come into view. There’s a huge camera mounted on top of a crane, cameramen, light people, sound people–at least ten other crew members, all for one five minute sequence.

Wow! A lot of work goes into film and TV, doesn’t it? Well, before we sign off, make sure you don’t try any of this at home, guys! You definitely need a stunt double and a stunt director to pull it off safely.

Sam & Cat” is an American teen sitcom, created by Dan Schneider, that aired on Nickelodeon for a single season from 2013 to 2014. “Sam & Cat” is a crossover between Nickelodeon shows “iCarly” and “Victorious,” starring Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande as unlikely roommates that form a babysitting service together. “Sam & Cat” was produced by Dan Schneider, an American actor, TV and film actor, and producer.

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