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Victoria Justice may be best known as the star of “Victorious,” a Nickelodeon series about life at a wacky performance arts high school. But Victoria has been on the scene long before then; in fact, she made her debut at age 10 on an episode of “Gilmore Girls,” after which she appeared in a variety of shows and TV movies before landing a prominent role on “Zoey 101.” After capturing the hearts of fans around the world, Justice was cast as “Victorious’” well-loved and hyper-talented Tori Vega. Take a look at this throwback video below, starring Tori Vega and Jade West singing on Victorious set.

After “Victorious” ended in 2013, Victoria Justice expanded her career beyond the walls of Nickelodeon, and we’re proud to see her soar. So what exactly has Victoria has been up to since the show’s finale, and can we expect to see more of her soon?

In 2014, Victoria took her singing and comedy skills to YouTube in a sketch by Todrick Hall called “Snow White and the Seven Thugs.” Victoria plays an enchanting but naive Snow White, who finds herself lost not in the forest, but in a crazy neighborhood. In a surprise twist, her “true love’s kiss” comes not from royalty, but Dopey, one of her dwarvish companions. 

In 2015, Victoria landed a leading role in an MTV series called “Eye Candy.” The 10 episode cyber-thriller, based off an R.L. Stine book of the same name, features Victoria as Lindy Simpson, a 21-year-old tech genius who, suspecting one of her online suitors is a serial killer, attempts to solve a string of murders. In hopes of connecting his crimes to her missing sister, Sara, Lindy enlists of a team of hackers and unleashes a unique style of vigilante justice (pun intended) on the streets of New York City.

New York City turned out to be a great setting for Victoria, where she also filmed “Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List” as love-struck NYU student Naomi in 2015. The movie, based on a book by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan, tells the story of best friends Naomi and Ely. The plot navigates a difficult falling out between the two spurred by a betrayal of trust, and eventual acceptance as both find love where they didn’t expect it.

Victoria also landed a guest role on the NBC sitcom “Undateable” in 2015, when she appeared in an hour-long live special of the show. She was able to show off her vocal chops in a live duet with Bridgit Mendler singing “Undateable” amidst the show’s cast – not to mention British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, who also had a cameo.

So far in 2016, Victoria started a recurring role as Ramona Miller on the TV series “Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life.” Next, look for Victoria Justice in the “Outskirts,” a comedy about two best friends and their plan to unite their high school’s outcasts against its queen bee.

Victoria Justice will star in a live TV rendition of the cult classic “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” in which she’ll play lead character Janet Weiss, who wanders into the castle and world of Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a mad scientist and transvestite played by the fabulous Laverne Cox. We think that of all people Victoria will do the original version justice, just like her name suggests.

“Victorious” is an American teen sitcom, created and produced by Dan Schneider, that aired on Nickelodeon for four seasons, from 2010 to 2014. The series, about a performing arts school for teens, starred actress Victoria Justice as an aspiring teenage singer.

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